Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday's: Kyuss Lives!

It is... Alive! Like Frankenstein's monster, Kyuss is experiencing a second chance at life.

The band, formed in the late 80's, disolved in 1997. Considering the fact that I didn't start listening to the Palm Desert based Stoner Rock band until 1998 and given the amount of negativity I had heard coming from former band members, I never once thought that I would ever get a chance to experience Kyuss in person. But last year, plans for a Kyuss reuinion were announced to the world, giving me and thousands of other people across the globe the opportunity they never thought they would get. Unfortunately, guitarist and founding member Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age fame) declined to participate in the reunion. From a couple of interviews I had read, Homme's basic attitude towards reuniting with the Kyuss boys could be said thusly, "Kyuss was great while it lasted. But if you missed it, you missed it. Sorry." As much as I respect the guy and love the work he's done with his subsequent projects, I have to say that that's kind of a shit attitude to take. I'm sure there's ego and personal differences, blah blah blah, etc to contend with, I would think that one could put such trivialities aside and do something that would bring happiness and pleasure to so many people. Then again, I'm not Josh Homme and can't pretend to understand his reasons. Either way, on Saturday, October 8th, I finally got to see one of my favorite bands live and I hate to say it, but Homme's presence was not missed, not by me or anyone else in the Fox Theater that night, despite singer John Garcia being quoted as saying that, "there is never going to be a Kyuss without Josh Homme."

The line-up consists of Garcia, original bassist Nick Oliveri, original drummer Brant Bjork and kicking Homme's shoes out of the way was guitar player Bruno Fevery. Fevery plays Homme's delicious, psychedelically groovy and sometimes super technical licks with ease, while putting his own flavor on them at the same time.

From beginning to end, the show was a great one. Openers Monstro, an Atlanta based 4-piece, did a damn good job of setting the mood for the evening. Then The Sword came on stage and did what it is they do best: Rock the fuck out!

By the time Kyuss came on stage, I was already on Cloud 9 from the opening band's awesome performances. But the real treat was of course the headliner. The band I've waited 13 years to see. One of the most influential groups of musician's that I've ever heard; Kyuss. When they walked out, for a split second, a hush fell over the crowd. And then that silence broke into castrophany as the theater erupted into wild cheering. A chill ran up my spine as the house lights went out and the stage lights came up. Here it is; the moment I've waited over a decade for. The guys played flawlessly for well over an hour before leaving the stage, then came back out for a 3 song encore when the noise level in the Fox reached a point that satisfied them. Again, from beginning to end, this was a show to remember.

Here's their setlist from Saturday's performance. Enjoy.

1. Gardenia

2. Hurricane

3. One Inch Man

4. Thumb

5. Freedom Run

6.  Asteroid

7. Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop

8. Conan Troutman

9. Odyssey

10. Whitewater (one of my favorite songs of all time)

11. El Rodeo

12. 100 Degrees

The encore:

13. Molten Universe

14. Allen's Wrench

14. Green Machine

If you like what you hear, please do your ears and soul a favor by buying some Kyuss! Like the liner notes from their masterpiece, Welcome to Sky Valley says; Listen to without distraction. Check out the latest Kyuss news here.